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Adultery | CaseDefense for Adultery

In this case, the defendant started dating a woman after she told him she had been separated from her husband for 3 years. However, the woman's husband filed a lawsuit accusing the defendant of adultery in Korea.

Lawyer Boram Kim defended the defendant using these strategies:

1. Proved the woman's marriage had already broken down

    - Emphasized that the woman had been separated for 3 years and her husband was raising their child, arguing this showed the marriage had effectively broken down.

2. Argued the defendant had no malicious intent

    - Said the defendant did not know about the breakdown of the marriage, and simply loved the woman genuinely with no intent to destroy the marriage.

3. Challenged the amount of damages claimed 

    - Proved the compensation amount claimed by the plaintiff was excessive, resulting in the compensation being greatly reduced to 10 million won, over 70% less than originally claimed.

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