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The Inheritance Dispute Among Six Siblings in Korea - Who Will Care for the Elderly Mother?

Inheritance, Gifts, and the Disinheritance Law in Korea Explained by an Attorney Boram Kim

There are many family disputes related to the inheritance, gifting, and support of parents' assets.

This is a legal consultation interview from MBC's "Real Story Eye" regarding the Disinheritance Law.

<Case Information>

  1. After the husband's passing, the house was inherited by the eldest son.

  2. The eldest son and his wife lived with the mother, but when the eldest son moved to a different house, the mother was admitted to a nursing home.

  3. The other siblings claimed that the eldest brother did not fulfill his filial duty to support their mother. A dispute arose over whether they could reclaim the property gifted to the eldest son by their late father.

The legal consultation was provided by divorce specialist Attorney Kim Bo-ram from Law Firm Haeon.


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